Fine Thymes String Band

Band Bio

The Fine Thymes String Band plays bluegrass, gospel, and early Americana music to create fine times. We play corporate events, parties, churches, and festivals. We are a group of musicians that play multiple instruments. Austen plays fiddle and upright bass, Anna plays fiddle, upright bass, and banjo, Nathan plays guitar and ukulele, and Jim plays guitar, bass, fiddle, and mandolin. Our focus is on stringed instruments giving us the ability to have that old-time bluegrass sound. The Fine Thymes String Band was founded in 2007.

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Dr. Nathan Speare



Band Members 
Austen Speare

Austen plays fiddle for the band. He is a 7 time All-Regional player, a six time All-State Orchestra player, and has been studying the violin for over ten years. He is currently a sophomore at USC where he is majoring in violin performance. He also plays with the USC symphony orchestra, and the US Campus orchestra, He also is in several string quartet groups. Austen sings lead melody for the band.
Anna Speare

Anna is a junior at Dutch Fork High School. She plays multiple instruments for the band, though primarily the upright bass. She has sung in many different choral groups, including District Honors Chorus. Recently she competing in a opera competition and came in second place. Her beautiful soprano voice adds the high harmony lines for the band. Anna plans on going to college to studying conducting. She also is a member of the Picken Pearls, which performs bluegrass and folk music around the state.

Dr. Nathan Speare

Dr. Nathan Speare is a chiropractor who took up playing the guitar in order to be able to play along with his kids. He is the founder of the group, and also plays with the Saluda River Band, which is a band that also plays early Americana, folk, and Bluegrass music. Dr. Speare sings melody for the band. He handles bookings for the group, and may be reached at 803-575-2022.


Jim Graddick

Jim mainly plays fiddle and guitar for the group, though he can also handle the mandolin, the upright bass, or cello. Jim has a beautiful deep voice and handles low baritone. He is a graduate of USC with a music education major, and he plays with several other bands around the state. Jim has numerous awards for his musicianship, and is well known in the Columbia area for his ability to improvise on the fiddle, providing amazing breaks. Jim currently teaches music at Bill's Pickin' Parlor, as well as Freeway Music.

Austen & Anna on stage at Bill's Pickin' Parlor 
Established in 1991 and reactivated in 2014, the SC BTMA is a non-profit organization chartered by the state of South Carolina.